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Here at HomeHak, we focus on using a “people-first” approach to how to rent a home. We offer home-seekers a new approach where they display their Tenant CV so they can get selected by landlords and letting agents with vacant properties who need tenants. For landlords, we include information on how to rent our a room in your home and how to rent out a whole property to trustworthy tenants. We’re focused on helping to make the experience of renting a home easier for everybody.  

Our goal is to help people to rent a home that suits their individual needs. As a result, HomeHak members will be happier tenants. We make it easy for people to collect and safely store all the information they need for the process of renting a home. Then, tenants can easily create a professional-looking Tenant CV they can use to apply for homes they love. 

Landlords and letting agents can select the most ideal tenants for their property from HomeHak Tenant Selector. This avoids the burden of receiving hundreds of applications that all look the same.

HomeHak takes a “People-first” approach to the process of renting a home. The articles in our blog will focus on how people in the renting process can make their lives easier and get better results. Tenant articles will include insights on how to improve your chances of getting a home you love; from tips on preparing your Tenant CV to how to find a pet-friendly rental. 


If you have any questions or queries, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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