Take control of your home search.

HomeHak helps you to organise your search for a home. You enter your information and HomeHak does the rest. Uniquely, HomeHak lets you outline what you would like in your home, increasing the likelihood of being offered the home that suits you.

  • Show you are trustworthy

    Landlords really value references. HomeHak streamlines how you collect references so your connections can vouch for you upfront. Plus, ID Verification is built in, and free.

  • Track your application

    Easily share your tenant CV as a digital link. Know what’s happening and see when your tenant CV is viewed, liked, shared and bookmarked. Take away some of the mystery and be more aware.

  • Save time and money

    It can be costly to take time off work for viewings that come to nothing. The landlord or agent knows from your HomeHak tenant CV what you want. So when they select you for a viewing, they believe you will like the property. Viewings become more worthwhile.

Stand out from the crowd

Easily create your impressive tenant CV and be ready to apply for any property you like, any time, with just a few clicks. You add your information and HomeHak does the rest to make it look great so you get noticed.

Share your CV with landlords

Great places get a lot of enquiries. You must be quick to get picked. Impress landlords and agents with a digital link to your tenant CV. You can include references, ID verification, a video or even a pet CV.
Let your friends share the link to your preview tenant CV if they hear of a good place. You control how much data is shown on your tenant CV.

Decide on the home that’s right for you

Keep track of all the places you apply for on property websites, the viewings and the places offered to you in one shortlist table on HomeHak.
Tools on the site help you to compare locations, commuting routes for your work or university, move-in dates and rent. HomeHak helps you get a place that’s right for you – a home that you love.

Why use a HomeHak tenant CV?

Getting a home you love is too important to leave to chance. So much is affected by your choice; work, relationships, relaxation, fun, security, and so much more. With HomeHak you can be super-organised with little effort. It looks good to landlords and agents who will be more likely to select you. Feel more in control of finding your home.

  • One great tenant CV – forever

    Your tenant CV will get stronger over time as you add references and renting history. All you need for a successful home-search in one safe, secure place. Ready to use any time in any location.

  • Hassle-free searching

    Outline what you desire in a home so you can be selected by like minded landlords or co-tenants. Join with friends and submit your tenant CV’s as a ready-made household.

  • Control your personal data

    Store your data securely on HomeHak and control who sees it and when. You can even message through the platform without sharing contact details. When you find your home just hide your tenant CV until it’s time to search again.

Get organised today.

Create your Tenant CV in just a few minutes. It’s free to use!

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