Help employees get selected for homes near their workplace.

Improve employee chances of securing accommodation with shorter commutes.
Leads to enhanced company culture and morale, increased employee retention and improved productivity.
Happy employees make your business better.
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How does HomeHak for Employers work?


Create a dedicated Employer page on HomeHak. No expertise needed.


Employees display their Tenant CVs on your HomeHak Employers page.


Promote your Employer page on the company website and social media channels to increase awareness for employees who need a home.


Employees get prioritised for properties near their workplace by letting agents, landlords, and homeowners.


Employers deepen integration with local communities that benefit from residents who work nearby.

Why members prefer HomeHak’s new
people-oriented approach to home renting

Working with leading letting agents and accommodation providers

For Employers who:

Want to support their employees, without interfering in their personal lives.

Care about the well-being of their staff.

Actively work to cut commuting for environmental, social, and governance (ESG) benefits.

Enable their employees to contribute to the local community near their workplace

Employer promotes dedicated HomeHak page for staff who need homes

Employer network helps staff get selected for a home

“Our employees need to rent good homes with convenient commutes”

Contribute to your company Environmental, Sustainable and Governance goals


  • Opportunity to walk or cycle to work
  • Reduced commuting costs for employees
  • More convenient opportunity for hybrid working
  • Improved employee’s mental and physical health

integration with
local community

  • Increase spending in local economy
  • Increase participation in clubs and societies locally
  • Increase times for volunteering
  • Benefits of making local friends
  • More opportunity to contribute to the local community


  • Reduced fossil-fuel emissions, better air quality
  • Fewer vehicles on the road and traffic jams
  • Reduce traffic in rush hour

Better outcomes for employers who care about
their employees securing good accommodation

Employees secure homes with convenient commute

Minimal cost of time or staff resources

Improved company reputation

Attract new talent locally and from overseas

Happier employees who become advocates of your company

Employee retention

Improve morale and employee wellbeing

Higher employee engagement

Put the power of your company brand behind your employees’ search for a home

HomeHak helps organised home seekers to collect, organise and store their home-related information. The platform helps people to demonstrate trustworthiness with ID verification from Stripe built in, a streamlined process to collect references and opportunity to promote their employment and previous renting details.
Home seekers outline what they would like for their home including the ideal location, how much rent they can afford, bedrooms and other amenities they require.
Uniquely, HomeHak lets organised home seekers display their HomeHak Tenant CVs on HomeHak Tenant Selector. Here accommodation providers can filter, sort, select and connect with the home seekers whose needs are best matched with what their properties provide.

Show you are a caring employer when it matters most

What if the company could improve its employees’ chances of getting selected for ideal rented accommodation – with minimal investment of staff time or resources?
Your employees need a good home life to perform well at work. A poor choice of rental property with an inconvenient commute can impact employee well-being, resulting in emotional, economic and environmental costs. Productivity, staff morale and employee retention are all likely to suffer.
Helping employees get selected for good homes near work is now possible with minimal investment – and it will pay dividends.
Claim an employer page for your employees on HomeHak. Then promote a link for the page on the company’s social media channels, employee communications, newsletters, and local news. Attract local accommodation providers to your staff with minimal effort.