Why members prefer HomeHak’s new
people-oriented approach to home renting

HomeHak Tenant Selector

Select trustworthy tenants, today

Input the location of your property. See credentials of tenants, who they are, what they want and why they would be a great tenant. Select ideal tenants. More efficiency when advertising.

Select the best tenants.

Access a pool of trustworthy tenants with credentials pre-prepared. Don’t just select the quickest to apply.

Make an informed selection.

Tenant CVs can have ID verification from Stripe, renting history, employment or university details, a photo, a bio video or a pet CV. Use filters to match applicant needs with the property.

Save Time and Money

Save hours per property and big costs. A consistent Tenant CV format means no analysis of surplus enquiries, no skimpy email applications, fewer incoming calls and viewings with mismatched applicants.

Working with leading letting agents and accommodation providers

Transform your Letting Agency process

Invite Applicants to Submit HomeHak Tenant CV’s.

See good quality, consistent Tenant CVs in one place. Spend less time reviewing inconsistent, incomplete email enquiries from property website ads and more time engaging landlords and growing your business.

How HomeHak works for Letting Agents

Advertise on Property Websites

Invite applicants to submit their HomeHak Tenant CV code, when they respond to your property website ad. Input their code to see their Tenant CV.

Share your property on HomeHak – for FREE

Attract tenants who are members of HomeHak. Use filters and sorting tools to match applicant needs with the property

Use a people platform to select the best people

Get to know applicants and what they need, in advance of viewings. Let sitting tenants select their new housemate.

Shortlist applicants who will be happy in the property

A map shows who will have convenient commutes. Co-applicants shown as a ready-made household. Tools to match applicants needs with each property

Deliver a thoughtful renting experience for all

Focus on organised applicants who search months in advance of the move-in date. Applicants protect their personal data, while agency GDPR risks are managed.

More Benefits for Letting Agents

Lower maintenance tenants, happy with their ideal home, saves cost. Tools to impress landlords, manage references, verify ID’s and help improve productivity.

Why Agents Are Using HomeHak

HomeHak helps Letting Agents make an informed choice, cost effectively and efficiently.

    • Build Trust Upfront

      Get a sense of applicants’ trustworthiness upfront rather than at the end of the process. ID verification is available for free through Stripe, and information about references can be reviewed before viewing is scheduled, at the applicant’s discretion.

    • Data Protection

      Tenant data is securely stored on the platform in the tenant’s own account. Letting agents can mitigate some GDPR responsibilities that can come with collecting applications. Agents can focus on a manageable number of trustworthy applicants who meet the expectations of the landlord client.

    • Hassle-Free Searching

      Quicker and easier to select the right tenants on HomeHak Tenant Selector than administer hundreds of inconsistent incoming enquiries. Automated messaging to unsuccessful applicants when the property is rented frees time and improves agency reputation.

    • Focus on the right people for the right homes

      A property ad can lead to hundreds of enquiries. Who should be invited to a viewing? Who will be happy in the home? HomeHak helps agents filter tenant CVs by what the tenant wants in a home and other factors. Agents can make an informed selection.

    • Centralised Applications & Messages

      Review and manage all applications in one place and on one map. Route messages through HomeHak and automatically update applicants on the status of the property letting.

    • Save Time and Money. Avoid Considerable Hassle

      No more fruitless viewings with mismatched applicants. Cut emails and phone calls for properties already rented. Invite applicants to submit HomeHak Tenant CVs so selection can be made much more efficiently.

    • Impress Landlord Clients in Minutes

      Once Tenants are selected, agents can invite landlord clients to review their recommended Tenant CVs and possibly give formal approval. The process takes minutes.

    • Manage Applicant Numbers

      Allow agency property management staff to make initial tenant selection before passing recommendations to letting agents for viewings and verifications. Frees up agents to engage with landlords and grow the business.

    • See best applicants in the marketplace

      No need for each letting agency to store lists of potential tenants. Benefit from access to one central pool of tenants that’s kept up to date and GDPR prudent.

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