Renting A Home That Has It All – What To Look For

Work space, rest space, play space, shared space. A home in this day and age is your office, sanctuary and cafe rolled into one. Having a place that allows for this flexibility in lifestyle is more important than ever in a connected world. So, it’s worth putting some extra thought into renting a home that ticks all the boxes, Maybe it creates a few new ones in our ever-competitive rental market.


The first step is outlining your current situations. Yes, plural. Break your needs out into work, rest, exercise, socialising and eating. While the borders between these are actually fuzzy, it helps to make sure you’re thinking about the important factors for each facet of your life. Consider how they fit in with your ideal home. First, work.

Where and how do you work when renting a home?

 Work is a massive part of our lives. Think about how this fits into where you live. For example, can you cut down your commute by finding a rental that’s close to the office? Does work allow you to do some days from home? If so, does your rental have a space available to let you get good work done? Does that space have a door to stop your roommate Brian from walking past your Zoom meetings wearing just his underwear? Come on, Brian, no one wants to see that.

Asking a few of these key questions will help shape a picture of what your home will need. This ensures to make the work part of your life as seamless as possible. Less stress here means less stress overall.   

Will your rental help you unwind?

 According to the Mental Health Foundation, sleep is as important to our health as eating, drinking and breathing. Making sure you have good sleep and relaxation time means you’re happier. You can also enjoy the more exciting times to the full. So, think about whether you’ll be able to get proper rest at home. A room that will be quiet, has blinds to shut out light, and good temperature control are all key for sleep. A comfortable spot to lounge, watch the match or Netflix and chill is also essential these days too. 

Are there opportunities to exercise nearby when renting a home?

Getting motivated to get sweaty can be hard enough without putting a 45-minute drive in the way. So, whatever your preferred exercise is, make sure there are facilities near your home to let you do it easily.

Yoga and pilates studios? Football or hurling grounds? Tennis courts? Good cycling routes to work? Some extra planning and thought into where your home is could mean you’ll stay fitter and therefore healthier and happier in the long run. It doesn’t hurt to have a good bar in between those places too. Additionally if you want to reward yourself on the way home. 

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Will your home let you get social?

 There are so many ways to stay social these days. Eat out with friends, eat in with friends, see a movie or go to the pub with friends. Targeting a rental that will allow you to get out and about, but also invite people over is a must when looking for a place to live. Having a place close to friends’ places is also a factor. Nothing better than being able to text a few of the lads or ladies and have a spur of the moment catch up. An adequate dining space is ideal if you can find it, but in lieu of that, great restaurants nearby can also be a social catalyst. 

Do you cook, takeout or eat out?

 Some people love nothing more than cooking up a storm in the kitchen, making a home-cooked meal to rival mum’s roast dinners. Others prefer the convenience of Deliveroo or JustEat. Others still prefer to get out for some fine dining. Whatever your preference, scoping out your options is a critical element before deciding on the ideal zone for your rental property. 

Once you’ve factored in work, rest, exercise, socialising and food, you’ll have a really good indication of the perfect place you want to be. Location isn’t the only factor, obviously. Good internet, cooking facilities and work/play spaces are all things to put in your checklist.

The next step then is putting your needs out there and finding the rental that has it all. HomeHak is a platform that helps you do this and more. Check out how you can create a profile here which lists what you’re looking for in a home and guides you through creating a CV that landlords will jump at. 

A little thought and the right tools will make it easier to find the right balance between work, rest, play and a social life worth calling friends about.

Are you a first-time renter? Check out this blog post for some helpful tips!

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