10 Things to Consider When Moving Out of Home

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Moving out of home is one of the biggest life changes you’ll ever experience. It’s stressful, exciting and can be overwhelming at times.

If you’re about to move out of home for the first time, congratulations! You are one step closer to an exciting chapter in your life. It’s a special moment in life, but becoming a first-time renter comes with its own challenges. Some people may find it more difficult than others to adjust to such big changes. That’s why we’ve compiled 10 things to consider when getting started!


1. Get Organised!

It can be hard when you’re on your own for the first time, but by getting organised and having a routine will help keep things on track. Make sure that you establish a daily, weekly and monthly routine and stick to it. Even if it’s something small like organising your clothes every Sunday, it will make sure that things are folded and hung in the right order. Having a sense of routine makes moving out all the more enjoyable!


2. Budgeting is a Must

To make sure you can afford all the things you need to get by, you should set yourself a budget. Make sure that you have allocated money for rent, bills, food and socialising. Without a strict budget it can be easy to overspend on impulse purchases which could leave your bank account empty in no time. Using a budget calculator is an amazing way to wrap your head around expenses for the first time.


3. Learn to Cook

Learning to cook will not only save you money, but it’s healthier too. If you can’t or don’t want to cook then you should at least learn how to make a few cheap easy meals that won’t cost the earth! These days there are tons of resources to help you learn some basic cooking skills. Start off by searching up one-person recipes like these. This way you can learn how to portion meals properly. You’ll be hosting dinner parties in no time!


4. Learn How to Clean your House

It may seem silly, but if you don’t know how to do these things already then now is the time to learn. By doing this, you’ll ensure that your house stays nice and tidy on a regular basis without too much effort on your part! Cleaning can be costly if you hire professionals, so it’s much better to do it yourself if you’re on a budget. Maintaining your rented accommodation will also keep you on good terms with the landlord – they will appreciate you more for taking proper care of the house.


5. Keep Up to Date With the News

Moving out for the first time can take up all of your energy. Try to stay in contact with what is happening around you and in the world at large by reading newspapers daily or watching local TV news. This will help you be well informed about the latest issues that are ongoing around you. 

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6. Join a Community Group

Community groups provide peer support and social opportunities, which will help you make friends and become more confident as you adjust to life on your own. You don’t have to join one that is specifically for people who live alone – any one of them will do! There may even be neighbourhood social media groups that you can join. These are great for keeping you in the loop of what’s going on in the area – farmers markets, bake sales, charity events etc! Check out our other blog posts that feature local guides.


7. Get Out and Meet People

Adjusting to new surroundings can sometimes feel off-putting. You don’t have to go it alone, so get out there and socialise. Try making friends with your neighbours, ask your friends if they want to do things together regularly or pop into a local club to see what’s going on. There are plenty of activities that you can take part in! It’s never too late to take up a new sport, dancing, art classes etc. 


8. Be Aware of Safety

You may need to take some precautions when it comes to protecting yourself when moving to a new place. From measures like having good locks and being aware of your surroundings to being able to use a phone properly. Keep important numbers close to hand – local police,  trustworthy friends and neighbours, your doctor – have these to hand for your own peace of mind. You can search for your local Garda Station here. Check out our article on scams to be aware of here


9. Go Easy On Yourself 

Moving out for the first time can be very stressful, so try not to do too much at once. All of a sudden you’re faced with huge changes – living with new people, sorting out utilities, getting everything in order, moving all your belongings. It can be a lot! So give yourself some slack.


10. Stay in Touch.

Keep in contact with your family and friends . Although you will be out on your own now, that doesn’t mean that your life should change drastically. Make sure that you spend time with the people who love you and who are important to you – it’s much better than spending all of your time alone! Invite your friends around to your new place and start a new tradition of cosy tea and chats. 


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