Balancing a Job and Study at University

Balancing a job and university can be tough. HomeHak has put together some tips on how to get the formula right! We will help you work out how you can take on part-time work to pay the bills, whilst still gunning for that top class university grade.


Figure out whether you really need a part-time job

For the majority of us, the answer to this will be a resounding “yes!”. Particularly seeing the costs of living! The key is to first work out a monthly budget. Have a close look at all your incomings and outgoings. 


Don’t over-commit to shifts

When balancing your job, how many hours you choose to work each week depends. Firstly, on how much you feel you’re ready to take on. Secondly how much free time your course permits. Most universities recommend not to take on more than 15 hours per week. The important thing is to take some time to consider how much time you’re able to put in before making any commitments – it’s a lot harder to go back once you’ve given your word, so don’t rush this decision.

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Know when exams and deadlines are coming up

Being seriously organised with your calendar is the key. Make sure you know all the important dates coming up in your course calendar, such as assignment deadlines and exam dates so that you can easily see your busy periods and plan accordingly. If you can highlight important deadline periods in advance, you can ask to take time off or swap shifts with other people. 


Use your time productively

One of the best things about taking on part-time work during university is that it puts you in a situation where you’re pretty much forced into becoming super productive with your time. The psychology of knowing you only have a couple of hours before your shift starts to make some serious progress writing an essay will force you to really focus and use those couple of hours wisely. 


Talk to your university and employer if you’re struggling

The easiest way to really upset that work/uni balance is by letting things get on top of you if you’re struggling. Juggling a job when you’re studying for a degree is no walk in the park, and your employers and tutors should try to respect that. Remember to reach out for support if you’re ever finding things difficult – the minute you notice any problems with your timetable or if you’re struggling with the workload, tell someone.


Get enough sleep

Getting the recommended eight hours a night of shut-eye is vital. If you don’t, you’ll soon notice everything starts to slip. We know that there’ll be nights where this will go amiss, but make sure it doesn’t happen more than a couple of times a week.


To summarise

As we have seen from above, when balancing a job, there are a number of factors to be considered. Is having a job really necessary. Do not over commit to shifts. Know when your exams and deadlines are. Use your time productively. Let your lecturers or boss know if you are struggling. Finally, get enough sleep. We hope you got some value off HomeHaks top tips for balancing a job in univeristy.

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