Making Friends in Irish University? Here is how


It is your first time walking into a lecture theatre packed to the rafters with strange, unfamiliar faces. This can be a really overwhelming experience. Regardless of how confident you are in your abilities to make friends – especially at 18. HomeHak has put together some tips for getting to know people in college.


Connect with classmates online

After registration and in the early days of college, there will likely be a course group set up on social media. These are a great way to connect with the other students. 


Attend course nights out

These nights out are a good way to get to know people in your course outside of the lecture halls or labs. Remember that everyone in your class wants to make friends. Additionally, enjoy their college experience. 


Join clubs and societies

One of the best ways to get out and meet like-minded people who share some of the same interests is to go to club meetings. Attending club and organization meetings provides the common ground. This is essential to fostering conversations. Many people say that clubs and societies are what makes the college experience. Colleges offer so much choice in these areas. There’s really something for everyone. It provides a much easier opportunity to make friends. In comparison to large lecture halls filled with people you might not have similar interests to.


Hang around campus in between lectures

In college, you are going to have long periods of free time in between lectures. Try not to go home between lectures. Instead, spend your time talking in the different cafés. You can also just wandering around campus. 


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All you need is one familiar face (and maybe a hobby you enjoy)

Keep an eye out for a familiar sight. Another student looking just about as lost and scared as you are. Build up the courage to say hello. In college, all you need is one familiar face and you are set. This face will keep popping up. 


Treat your shared interest as an icebreaker

Through your shared interest in the same topics, you will get close quickly. Before you know it, you will be really good friends. Societies and clubs are a great way to make friends. Put yourself out there. Join clubs or societies. Go to events and gigs where you can meet like-minded people. Step outside of your comfort zone. Look beyond the borders of your class. It’s very likely you will find people to connect with outside of your class too.


Be authentic, be you

Your college experience is a pivotal moment. Therefore, you want to make sure that you spend time with individuals who appreciate your unique qualities. They will be the main drivers in creating long-lasting friendships.


To summarise

Leaving the soft cocoon of your circle of school friends for bigger classes in subjects you’ve often never studied before can be  hard. Fortunately, if you’re feeling a little off, there’ll be student support services in every college designed to help you get on your feet in college and make the most of your time there. As nerve-racking as making friends is, we hope you keep these tips in mind to help you foster unbreakable bonds.

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