Struggling to Get a Student Internship in Ireland? Here is What To Do

Struggling to Get a Student Internship in Ireland? Here is What To Do.


Struggling to gain an internship somewhere? Losing confidence? Feeling anxious? So, you applied for every possible internship available. You did all your research, got your applications in on time, asked everyone you know if they can help you and yet you still have not managed to secure a coveted internship place this time round. 


And you’re panicking. Naturally of course, because every graduate employer tells you just how important work experience is. It’s frustrating, we know, but setbacks like this can happen. Being an academically strong student, this might even be the first time you have been rejected from something.


The key thing however is not to despair. How you handle such obstacles is key to your own personal development. We promise with a bit of lateral thinking, you can get the experience you need to make your CV stand out. HomeHak has put together a few tips to help you develop professionally and stand out from the crowd. 


Expand your search

Have you only applied to the big names? Consider that there may be plenty of other companies out there that could also offer you a valuable insight into the sector in which you’re interested. Gaining sound work experience at a suitable company, be it big, small or boutique, adds value to your CV at this stage, so do not dismiss this.  


Try freelancing or build your own project

If you have a particular skill, like writing, programming, or design, put out a call to your network or create a profile on sites like Upwork to trade your skills for paid projects. Not only will you hone your skills, but you’ll gain valuable experience meeting real deadlines and delivering real results – all while bringing in some money.


Take up online classes

As another option, you could consider doing a short course or extra educational qualification. Learning a language, learning to code or learning to drive are all extra skills you can put down on your CV. One example is Bright Network Academy. There are plenty of websites offering courses that you can take up online. You can find a huge variety of subjects ranging from business and management to humanities. Explore online courses from websites like FutureLearn, edX, or Coursera to build professional skills. 


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Learn a new language

Depending on the field you’re going into, speaking another language can improve your employability and increase your overall job prospects. You can start by checking out free online language learning platforms like Duolingo and Memrise. 


If you are struggling volunteer for organisations in your areas of interest

Volunteering looks great on your CV. Often you can find volunteering opportunities in something that is relevant or appropriate to you. From volunteering you will gain great transferrable skills and experience. It also demonstrates that your time is spent productively and that you have a humanitarian side to you. 


Expand your professional network

To help your internship or job search in the future, take this time to reach out to people and expand your network. Even if you don’t attend networking events, it is possible to grow your network through LinkedIn


Build your personal brand

Keep building your personal brand through a personal website. If you don’t have one yet, you can easily set it up over the summer. Check out hosts that allow you to build one for free, like WordPress or Wix. A personal website is a great advantage for college students and professionals alike because it allows future employers to view your background and see how well you apply what you know. 




To summarise

Internships aren’t the only way to set yourself up for rewarding full-time opportunities. From building your own projects to learning new skills to networking virtually, you can take charge and be proactive in your professional and personal growth. We hope you enjoyed HomeHak’s top recommendations if you are struggling to get a student internship in Ireland.

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