Happy tenants are more likely to look after their home and stay longer.

HomeHak helps you make an informed choice.

A property advertisement can lead to hundreds of enquiries. But how do you know who to invite for the viewing. Who will be happy in the house? Reduce your risk and make better decisions.


    Focus on the right people

    Filter tenant CV’s by the proximity of workplace/university, availability of references, or what the tenant would like in a home.


    Centralised applications and messages

    Review and manage all applications in one place. No need to process all enquiries on your IT system. You only need to store data for successful applicants. The data for other available applicants is accessible on HomeHak.



    IDs can be verified by Stripe, and information about references can be provided in advance.

Invite applicants to submit HomeHak Tenant CV’s

When you advertise on any property website, newspaper or social media channel simply include the message “We welcome Tenant CV’s from HomeHak.com”. Then monitor the Tenant CV’s as they arrive in your My Applicants table in HomeHak.

Review Tenant CV’s in one place

Review applicants who respond to your property ad in a consistent format on the HomeHak platform, regardless of which channel you receive the tenant CV’s. Save time finding who will be happiest in a property by benefiting from tools that calculate potential applicant commute times, show pet CV’s and other relevant criteria.

No more juggling with numerous unstructured applications received in emails, alerts from different property websites or in the mail.

Invite people to apply for your property

With HomeHak, you can also create a free profile of a property and share the link with people looking for a place to rent. They generate a tenant CV on the platform, and you decide who would be happiest in the property.

See the desired locations of all applicants relative to your properties on one map and on one table. Schedule viewings and message through the platform with the most ideal applicants.

Why use a HomeHak tenant CV?

Great tenants know the importance of preparing an impressive application and showing they are trustworthy, organised and reliable. HomeHak helps great tenants to do this and to stand out from the crowd. At the same time, HomeHak helps great agents organise their search process and to identify the tenant who could be happiest in their landlord’s property.


    Build Trust Upfront

    Get a sense of applicants’ trustworthiness upfront rather than at the end of the process. ID verification is available for free, and information on references can be reviewed before viewing is agreed, at the tenants discretion.


    Data Protection

    Tenant data is securely stored on the platform, so agents mitigate some GDPR responsibilities that come with collecting applications.



    Easier to communicate with all applicants. Let everybody know automatically when the property is rented.

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