How Does HomeHak for Tenants Work when searching for a home for rent?
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One impressive Tenant CV, to show you are trustworthy.

Take control of your search for a home to rent.

HomeHak prioritises people over property. Let us help you organise your search for a home that suits you.

Easily create your impressive tenant CV. No technical skills required.

Input your information and HomeHak does the rest to make you look great, so you get noticed.

You are more than an email message on a property website.

Don’t be defined by someone’s preconceptions. Promote your best self. Show you are organised.

ID Verification with Stripe

Verify Your ID with Stripe in only 3 minutes. Improves trustworthiness.

Prove you are trustworthy.

Streamlined process to collect references from landlords, employers, professionals and friends.

Show why you would make a great tenant.

Outline what you want in your home so a good match can be made. Make good landlords want you as a tenant.

Apply to rent any property, anywhere.

Control visibility with your HomeHak Tenant CV Code

Share your code with agents, landlords or co-tenants when you apply to rent any property.

Friends help you find a place

Let your friends share a link to your Tenant CV, if they hear of a good place. Post a link on social media.

Stand out from the crowd

Impress every time you apply to rent a property, with minimal effort. Others submit plain emails, you provide an amazing Tenant CV!

Save time and hassle

No more repetitive email enquiries. Apply with just a few clicks on desktop or mobile applications.

Properties come to you, not the other way around.

Post your Tenant CV on HomeHak Tenant Selector. Get selected, even before homes are advertised for rent.

How HomeHak Tenant Selector works

1. Agents and landlords input property address.
2. Tenants looking to rent near this location are listed.
3. Property offered to tenants selected.

Better chance of meeting your home needs

Tenants selected based on their home needs and overall organisation; not just who applied the quickest.

HomeHak works for you 24/7

Don’t stress about missing an ad on a property website. Letting agents and landlords can select you any time.

Get selected, even before homes advertised

Agents and landlords search HomeHak for trustworthy tenants. Saves them time, money and hassle.

Use a people platform, to find a home the safe way.

HomeHak provides a new and different approach to renting a home. The platform is designed to help with your personal needs when searching for a home, more than general property matters.

Ready-made household

Friends can join Tenant CVs and apply as Co-applicants. Ensures a happier household, and it makes life easier for the agent and landlord.

Property tracker tailored to your needs

Keep track of properties you apply for or that are offered to you on one table. See properties on one map with your commuting implications

Control who sees your data

Use your data to promote yourself, but with the peace of mind that you maintain control over who can access it. Documents are watermarked for your security.

Keep your contact details safe

Communicate through the HomeHak message system and keep your email and mobile private.

Safely store your home data in one place and use in future

Your Tenant CV will get stronger over time as you add references and renting history. Use your Tenant CV overseas.

Why Use A HomeHak Tenant CV?

    • One Great Tenant CV – Forever

      Your Tenant CV will get stronger as you add references and renting history. All you need for a successful home-search in one safe, secure place. Ready to use any time, in any location.

    • Hassle-Free Searching

      With HomeHak Tenant Selector, uniquely, agents and landlords can apply to you for their properties. Outline what you desire in a home so you can be offered what you need.

    • Control Your Personal Data

      Use your information to promote yourself, but then make it private when you have your home. Control who has access to your data, when, and for how long.

    • Show you are trustworthy

      Landlords really value references. HomeHak streamlines how you collect references so lots of your connections can vouch for you upfront. Plus, ID Verification from Stripe is built-in, and free.

    • Track your application

      Easily share your tenant CV as a digital link. Know what’s happening and see when your tenant CV is viewed and shortlisted. Take away some of the mystery and be more aware where you stand in the process.

    • Save time and money

      It can be costly to take time off work for viewings that come to nothing. The agent or landlord knows from your HomeHak tenant CV who you are and what you want. So when you get selected, they think you will like the property. Viewings become more worthwhile.

    • Don’t leave your home to chance.

      So much is affected by your choice of home; relationships, work, health, relaxation, fun, security, mental wellbeing, finance and so much more. Take control of your home-search. Benefit from the tools in HomeHak and get organised.

    • Search now, move in future.

      If you know your future move date, post your Tenant CV now on HomeHak Tenant Selector, well in advance. No need to wait anxiously for properties to be advertised just before your move date. You can be super-organised with little effort.

    • Strengthen your credentials

      One place to store everything and build your credibility for when you rent again or for when you decide to buy a property in the future.

Get organised today.

Create your Tenant CV in just a few minutes.

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