Health and Fitness Top Tips for University Students in Ireland


Health and Fitness Top Tips for University Students in Ireland


Many students suddenly find themselves in new routines. Which, usually do not involve the words “fitness” and “exercise”. Basically a healthy, academically productive lifestyle.


Here’s HomeHak’s top tips on health and fitness. Everything on how to break the vicious cycle of living an unhealthy lifestyle. Showing you how to start a new exercise routine. 


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Just do it

To get started, first fine-tune your mind. Think about all the benefits of activity and exercise. Do not be ashamed to write these down for reference. The only person who can motivate you to get started is you. So after you give it a think, an easy way to move forwards is simply to get outside and start moving! Check out this article on the benefits of exercise.


Take it step by step

Fitness is a long-term goal. One that will hopefully stay with you for the rest of your life. No one needs to overstretch their limits in the early stages of a new exercise routine. Write a list of all the fitness goals you want to achieve in increments. It makes things more organised for planning and executing your aims. 


Join a student club

A university is a place where people from all different backgrounds unite and learn. There is a society and club for everyone. You just need to put effort into a little research! 


Choose activities you enjoy

Which type of exercise is suitable for you? Do you enjoy group activities, or are you a solo rider? These points are just some of the many things to think about when you’re choosing a sustainable exercise routine for university. If you enjoy something, it’s much more likely that that activity will stick around for good. 


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Find a buddy

Getting started with exercising and fitness with a friend can be extremely rewarding and motivational. Having a partner or an exercise buddy can mean many things. Such as fewer workouts skipped. Less excuses not to exercise and more company and deep conversations as you all work together for a fitter, healthier body. 



Finally, it’s important not to forget one word: balance. Balance is important when you’re living life to the fullest. It’s also very significant when you’re striving for a healthy lifestyle. So, get started today – even right now – why not head out for a walk or jog and start stretching those muscles! We hope you enjoyed HomeHak’s top health and fitness tips!


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