New Club or Society in an Irish Student University – How to Set One Up

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Do you feel like there is something missing from campus life? Interested in setting up a new club or society? 


Everyone remembers being in first year. We are all stressed trying to get to our next class on the other side of campus.  Or, already behind on your assignments. But among the chaos, you carry the same interests and hobbies from secondary school. Did you like dancing, photography, or playing soccer?

But what if there’s no way for you to continue? Will you give them up or find different hobbies? Or would you create an opportunity to enjoy your hobbies again?


Idea for a new club or society

The first thing you need to have is an idea. It must be original and new. In addition, an idea needs to be distinguishable from other Clubs and Societies that are already established. Furthermore remember that new Clubs and Societies will not be considered if they break college policies, promotion of alcohol etc.

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This includes, President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Public Relation Officer, Events Manager etc. Depending, usually there must be at least 4 full time students on the committee. Additionally, the committee posts can only be filled by fully registered, full time students of the college.


Constitution for your new club or society

With every Club and Society comes a constitution. Moreover, this document sets out how the Club or Society should be run. It will act as a set of rules for future committees.


Setup form

Next, you will have to complete the “How To Set Up A Club/Society” application form. You can find these on your university or students union website.



Members must be added to the application for a Club or Society to become recognised. If a clubs or society is not fully recognised then it is not entitled to collect a membership fee.



To summarise

To conclude, why not start up your own new club or society? Equally important, the process is easy to follow. Dont forget, the student union will be more than happy to help! We hope you have more confidence to start your own after reading this article. 

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