Newsletter for Letting Agents (6th December, 2022)

In this newsletter*…


  • Newsflash: accommodation is needed for medical professionals in Cork
  • Meet three doctors, a nurse and a consultant who seek accommodation in Cork, today.
  • You can help. It is easier than ever to prioritise medical professionals for accommodation
  • See how property professionals can help in a practical way
  • Who else is searching for rental homes in Cork?
  • Sharing is caring. If you do nothing else, please share this newsletter with property professionals.

*The data in this newsletter was correct on 6th December, 2022

1. Doctors and nurses in Cork urgently need accommodation.

Change is urgently needed. A study from Cork University Hospital and Cork University Business School claims that the country’s health system would “collapse” without overseas doctors.


According to the Irish Nurses and Midwives’ Organisation (INMO), these essential workers are often being asked to share bedrooms or, in at least one instance, beds with strangers.


You have probably seen the recruiter ads on LinkedIn inviting doctors and nurses to apply for medical roles in Cork.


International health professionals play a vital role in the provision of healthcare to the citizens of Cork. Many travel thousands of kilometres to work on the frontline in Cork.


It’s hard to source and recruit medical staff. Unfortunately, though, many cannot find accommodation after they relocate to Cork and they are leaving our city as a result.


This home seeker successfully found a home with HomeHak:


Kate's testimonialabout HomeHak


2. Meet doctors and nurses who need a home in Cork, as of December 6th, that you can help:

If a Preview Tenant CV doesn’t load, it maybe the home seeker has been offered a home. Also, to review a members Full Tenant CV you must be a registered member of HomeHak – as it may contain sensitive information the owner wants to protect.


Sarra is a frontline doctor in the Cardiology clinic at CUH. She has worked in three hospitals in Munster over the past few years. Sarra has been hosted temporarily by her friend for the past six weeks. She is offering between €1,000 and €1,500 for a one-bedroom apartment. This is the Preview CV for Sarra.


Kate is a Doctor joining CUH in January 2023. She is an experienced renter and needs accommodation for herself and her partner Kieran, a school teacher in Cork. Kate is organised and presents her rental history, employment details and ID verified in her Tenant CV. Her rent target is €1,200 – €1,300 p.m. See Katherine’s Preview HomeHak Tenant CV here.


Hilal is a Physician newly arrived in Cork, ready to start work on 1st January 2023. He needs a home for himself, his partner and two kids. He has sponsorship from his home government and is willing to spend up to €2,400 per month renting accommodation in Cork. Check out Hilal’s Preview Tenant CV.


Nithin and Sherin
Nithin is working as a nurse at CUH since May 2021. He is looking for a home with his wife Sherin and their two children for up to €2,000 per month. Nithin and Sherin have both created a Tenant CVs, including landlord references and ID verification. View their details here.


Fulvio is a Consultant Psychiatrist who will begin work in Cork in March 2023. Clearly an organised person, he is searching in plenty time for a home with at least two bedrooms for his partner and himself. Fulvio’s Tenant CV contains rental history, employment details, and his ID is verified by stripe. His budget stretches to €1,900 p.m. Review Fulvio’s Preview Tenant CV.


3. Help our frontline medical professionals in Cork

It is now much simpler for you to help our hospitals accommodate their frontline medical staff.


Uniquely, on HomeHak, you can see the Tenant CVs of the staff in our hospitals currently searching for homes to rent in Cork:


  • In conjunction with Cork University Hospital, we have created a page that lists CUH medical professionals who are searching today for homes to rent in Cork.
  • On, in the search box, enter words like/including “Nurse OR Doctor OR CUH OR Mercy OR Bon Secours OR Mater OR Hospital” (If you enter more than one search term use capital letters for the word “OR”).
  • If you enter all these words, today (6th December) you will see 49 medical professionals who need homes, even if you are not logged into HomeHak. Click here to review their Preview Tenant CVs.
  • If you are a registered member of HomeHak, you can review 106 Preview Tenant CVs for medical professionals today with this search.


Until now, if you wanted to help and prioritise medical professionals, you would have to filter through hundreds of applications to find the frontline medical staff.


Even then, there was no guarantee your property would suit the applicant. Maybe the commute wouldn’t work, the rent was too high, or the amenities didn’t match their needs.


From now on, with HomeHak it couldn’t be simpler to prioritise key staff for rental homes.


4. Property professionals, here is how you can help:

If you’d like to prioritise doctors, nurses and medical practitioners for your properties, follow these steps:


Cork University Hospital is the first institution to create a page on HomeHak to help their employees find accommodation in Cork.


If you have a property available close to or on the bus route to Cork University Hospital, you can narrow your search even more and consider CUH staff:


5. Who else is currently searching on

Besides medical professionals, here is a list of home seekers that have created a good HomeHak Tenant CV during the last 12 weeks.


Are you looking for an organised tenant with credentials pre-prepared?

Results if you are registered* on HomeHak

  • With ID Verified: 297
  • With References: 91
  • With Rental History: 264
  • Healthcare professionals: 56
  • Students: 14
  • Rent Affordability up to €1,500: 249
  • Rent Affordability up to €2,000: 88
  • Rent Affordability up to €2,500: 28

Results if you must register* on HomeHak

  • With ID Verified: 266
  • With References: 83
  • With Rental History: 241
  • Healthcare professionals: 55
  • Students: 12
  • Rent Affordability up to €1,500: 219
  • Rent Affordability up to €2,000: 73
  • Rent Affordability up to €2,500: 22

*Log in to your HomeHak account to have access to a bigger pool of trustworthy tenants with credentials pre-prepared.


6. Sharing is caring

If you do nothing else – please share this newsletter with your colleagues or anyone who might be able to offer accommodation to medical professionals in Cork.

We want to hear from you!

Finally, if you want to help, but you’re not sure how to get started, please get in touch. Reply to this email and we’ll contact you.


Also, let us know what you think about HomeHak’s mission to support healthcare workers in finding a home in Cork?


If you would like to be involved in this campaign or HomeHak’s people approach to home renting, let us know. We would love to hear your feedback and thoughts!

Newsletter for Letting Agents (22nd of October, 2022)

In this newsletter* you will find:


  • A video Tenant CV from Jon, a great example of an organised home seeker
  • Find great, organised tenants in minutes: Some pre-prepared search results.
  • HomeHak in the news, including an interview on the Neil Prendeville show
  • An important update on our ID verification policy. No Fake Agents here!
  • A feature for Letting Agents to improve productivity: Auto update all applicants

*The data in this newsletter was correct on 22nd October, 2022

1. Featured Tenant CV on HomeHak Tenant Selector


During the last 10 weeks alone, more than 300 new tenants have created a good, excellent or top-class Tenant CV on HomeHak.


This is Jonathon*, who has prepared one of the most impressive Tenant CVs we have seen this week!  Jon seeks a 2 to 4-bed home for up to €1,700.


*This home seeker was happy to showcase his Tenant CV when he was looking for a home in October 2022.




2. Find great Tenants in minutes.

HomeHak Tenant Selector currently has 870 “Good” or better Tenant CV’s available for selection to registered Letting Agents (340 if you are not registered).


To help you find the most ideal tenants for your properties with the minimum effort, we have created some filters of tenants searching since 8th August 2022:

Results if you are registered* on HomeHak

  • With ID Verified: 320
  • With References: 125
  • With Rental History: 253
  • Healthcare professionals: 32
  • Students: 26
  • Rent Affordability up to €1,000: 354
  • Rent Affordability up to €1,500: 281
  • Rent Affordability up to €2,000: 117
  • Rent Affordability up to €2,500: 30

Results if you must register* on HomeHak

  • With ID Verified: 267
  • With References: 85
  • With Rental History: 253
  • Healthcare professionals: 27
  • Students: 19
  • Rent Affordability up to €1,000: 300
  • Rent Affordability up to €1,500: 239
  • Rent Affordability up to €2,000: 96
  • Rent Affordability up to €2,500: 24


*Log in to your HomeHak account to have access to a bigger pool of trustworthy tenants with credentials pre-prepared.


3. Cork renting platform in the news!

September was a busy month for HomeHak in the press! We appeared in several national and local newspapers, podcasts and radio stations such as Red FM, NewsTalk and


Listen back to this live interview on the Neil Prendeville Show!




4. Verify your identity in just 3 minutes with Stripe

HomeHak distributed guidance from An Garda Síochána to deter the scourge of rental fraud and scams. We are determined to discourage bad actors from the HomeHak platform.


Stripe ID verification will be required for all letting agents on HomeHak from Tuesday 8th of November. It is already a requirement of Landlord and Homeowner members. It is a simple 3-minute process that will help us build trust in the community.


The “ID verified with Stripe” badge will be displayed on your profile, showing you are not a fake agent. It will provide extra peace of mind to home seekers and landlords. Here’s how to be verified:




If you have any questions about this new requirement, please let us know! We’re here to help!


5. Feature of the week for Letting Agents:

Sometimes, agents receive hundreds of applications for a single property. How can they respond to emails and phone calls seeking updates, even after renting the property? What about the dent to the agency’s reputation because it is not possible to update everyone?


Update everybody automatically with two clicks

With HomeHak, the agent can change the status of a property being let and automatically update all the home seekers who shortlisted or applied for that property:



Think about the time that you can save on administration and how you could better utilise it sourcing new landlord clients.


We want to hear from you!


HomeHak will save time and cost for your letting agency while ensuring you deliver a better result for your clients.


What do you think about HomeHak’s features for Letting Agents? They have all been designed to help you make an informed decision while saving hassle, time and money.


If you don’t have an account, contact us to set it up today.